If these past two years have taught us anything, it's this: 

We need each other.

We were meant for community. We were created to be together. It's the only way to deep joy, genuine humility, and transformation of our souls. 

I want to create a team of girls who want to experience growth and connection in their senior year. Who want a place to feel like they belong. Who want to listen to and learn from each other. Who want to soak up every ounce of beauty of this time of their life. A group of girls who want to bring light and spread kindness in their schools --  leave it changed for the better. To have fun and take pictures while we do. 

You have a place here. You belong here. And even more than that, you, specifically and uniquely, have something to bring to this. I can't wait to see what that is. 



WHat does it mean to be an ambassador?

WHat does it mean to be an ambassador?

- You’re representing Susie Herwig Photography in your school and you're excited to tell people and share your photos

- You belong to a group of other senior girls from various schools who will get together for shoots and events throughout the year

- You want to meet new friends and pursue friendships with them 

- You want to grow, have fun, and be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

- You desire to want to infuse our schools with unity and kindness. 

- You want more than just senior photos, you want an experience to remember your senior year!  



- Must have your senior photographs done with me! Obviously. 

- Must make every effort to attend as many shoots and events as possible

- Must review your experience with Susie Herwig Photography and give permission to be published on my website.

- Must sign a model release so that your images may be used for marketing purposes for Susie Herwig Photography

- Must be willing to share your images from your Individual senior shoot and our group shoots on your Instagram 

- Must refrain from bullying, slander, or spreading rumors. You are using your words and actions to be gentle, uplifting, kind, and empathetic to others.  You are light bringers + life speakers. 

 Class of 2018



To be a SHP Ambassador, the total cost is $600.00. All sales subject to 6% PA sales tax. 

The cost includes: 

- Everything my standard senior session includes ($500 value) 
- Welcome Group Shoot
- 2 Group Events/Shoots 
- 1 Serve Event
- End of the Year Party
- Access to all images from Styled Shoots + Events 
- $100 discount for each referral who books their Senior Photos with SHP 
- $50 print credit towards an heirloom album 
- Membership to my Senior Newsletter
- Senior Gift 

a note to the parents -

I have 2 young kids my own and I'm already learning what it means to let go. To release my tight grasp on them. I'm forever learning what it means to live a life to prepare my kids for what you are experiencing right now.  I'm learning what it looks like to hold both the fact that she's my child and at the very same time she's her own person.  I know I have so much I can learn watching you parent your senior girls. What you are going to and are starting to experience in letting your daughter pursue whatever is next in her life after this year is probably both gut-wrenchingly difficult and beautifully rewarding. I know this next year is going to be huge for the both of you, and it would be such an honor to be a part of it. 

When I look at my toddlers I think about the world they're growing up in and I think - "is there anything I can do to make it better?" It's an overwhelming question to ask and nothing ever seems like enough. But then I think about how even moving something 2 degrees can change the course exponentially. I think your girls are paving the way for mine. Every time your daughter chooses to be gentle instead of harsh, to give grace when it's not deserved, to listen with compassion, she's making it better for the girls coming after her. She's actually changing the world in that moment. And I think sometimes we need other people to come alongside us and call out that goodness in us and remind us to keep going in it. 

My goal with this Senior Ambassador Program, is yes, for your daughter to tell everyone about their senior photography experience. But more than that, I want them to have a space and a team of peers to remind them that they are valuable and worthy and loved because of who they are. That they are uniquely made with a purpose. And then I want them to take that same sense of value and love and pour out into their schools and change the temperature. I truly believe they can. 

As a parent myself, although to younger kids, I understand the desire to want to know who my kids are around.  Throughout the process of your daughter being an Ambassador, I will include you on all emails and correspondences. You will be invited to be a part of your daughter's Individual Senior session (actually it will be required). You will have access to all images from all shoots and events we do. I'm an open book and I'll always be available to chat throughout the whole process. 

My ultimate hope for this program and for your daughter is that she will come away with a greater understanding of herself and the people around her. My goal is that she would feel known and loved and valuable. I pray that she would know the unshakeable truth that she was created on purpose for a purpose. And with this truth and sense of belonging, I hope that it changes the way she sees other people too. Our group events will foster a community of togetherness amongst the other ambassadors. Our serve events will help us practice selflessness and humility and seeing people as souls. Our styled shoots will call out that beauty that's already within her and really make this year special and will be something, I believe, that she'll remember forever. 

I'd love to have your daughter join us. For any other questions reach me at susieherwigphoto@gmail.com 

with love, 



Please fill out form only after you have reviewed all information, emailed me with any questions,  and discussed it with your guardian and/or parent(s). 



I'll be in touch soon.